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Manage effortlessly.

Empowered by electrical Topology-Aligned, Brand-Neutral, Cross-Platforms, Multi-Services and Open Connectivity.

Designed for installers of charging stations, PV installations, heat pumps, batteries and more!


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Automate Your Installation Journey

Say goodbye to complex setups and configurations. Install Smartmaster Pro just once, and let the system handle the rest. Engineered to comprehend your electrical topology, Smartmaster Pro stands as a top-notch solution that adjusts to meet your specific needs. Specialized knowledge or prerequisites aren’t generally required.

Simplified Installation

Streamlined Setup

Get Smartmaster Pro running in no time. The installation process is a breeze, whether you're connecting to charging stations, PV installations, heat pumps, batteries, or more. A simple topology setup and you're good to go.

Multi-Brand Usability

Smartmaster Pro isn't picky about brands or devices. Whether you're integrating equipment from multiple manufacturers or connecting to different energy sources, the platform's open approach ensures seamless usability and future-proof flexibility.

Effortless Management

Seamless Remote Operations

Managing Smartmaster Pro remotely is as straightforward as it gets. With unlimited user access, your entire team can configure and adapt the system from anywhere, eliminating bottlenecks and boosting overall operational efficiency.

Intuitive Customization

Tailor your energy management settings with ease. Whether adjusting load priorities or setting up new configurations, Smartmaster Pro's user-friendly interface allows for quick and efficient customizations, all while maintaining high levels of security and reliability.

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A Seamless Experience from Start to Finish

1. Plug and Play

Connect the 24V power and LAN cable to your Smartmaster. Ensure your network is Smartmaster-friendly, and you're powered up in no time.

2. Quick Discovery

Visit our portal and find your Smartmaster device easily. Just scan the QR Code or enter the UUID, and you're connected.

3. Verify and Go

Confirm your Smartmaster is online and check its technical status. A quick glance ensures everything's up to spec, and you're good to go.

Safety, Reliability & Future-Ready

Experience a seamless fusion of safety and future-proof scalability. With Smartmaster Pro, you're not just investing in immediate solutions but also in long-term, hassle-free energy management for the future.

Ready for Future Growth

Future-Proof Flexibility

Smartmaster Pro's open architecture is designed for seamless integration with emerging technologies. This adaptability ensures your energy management system stays current and competitive.

Hassle-Free Scalability

Scale with ease as your energy management requirements evolve. Smartmaster Pro's modular design allows for straightforward expansion, making growth painless and efficient.

Safety and Reliability​

Rock-Solid Reliability

Count on Smartmaster Pro for consistent, reliable performance. Built-in monitoring and robust architecture mean your energy management is in capable hands.

Uncompromising Safety

Navigate your energy management confidently with Smartmaster Pro. Advanced safety features secure both your physical assets and data, providing an additional layer of peace of mind.


Ready to Simplify Your Installation Journey?

Unlock the Power of Smartmaster Pro

Discover a suite of robust features aimed at enhancing the installer's experience. Smartmaster Pro's intuitive tools provide unparalleled control and efficiency, all without an added cost.

Streamlined Remote Operations

Smartmaster Pro makes it a breeze to manage your electrical systems from afar. It offers permanent remote access, removing the need for on-site visits and saving valuable time.

Team-Wide Utility

Enable your whole team to tap into Smartmaster Pro's capabilities. Our system allows for unlimited users, enhancing collaboration and avoiding access bottlenecks.

Dynamic Device Recovery

Retrieve and reconfigure any connected device effortlessly. Smartmaster Pro provides the flexibility to adapt your installations on the fly, catering to any situation.

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FAQ's - Your Questions, Answered

Whether you’re wondering about installation prerequisites or how to manage multiple services, our FAQ section has you covered. Get all the answers you need to make the most out of Smartmaster Pro.

Getting started with Smartmaster Pro is a breeze. Create and fine-tune your topology, and our on-site equipment will be installed locally, connecting directly to your charging stations. These stations communicate seamlessly using OCPP.

In a world of changing requirements, Smartmaster Pro is your trusted partner. Modify your load scenario whenever necessary. Add new charging stations, integrate self-consumption from your PV installation for local production – it’s all within your reach.

Smartmaster Pro plays nicely with almost any open device. Our open approach means you won’t be left with outdated equipment, and it’s highly scalable. If you prefer a cloud-based solution, we’ve got you covered.

Smartmaster Pro gives you the control you need. Customize your energy setup with our user-friendly configurator. Choose your charging configuration, priority settings, and load control methods to match your site’s unique needs.

With Smartmaster Pro, you’re in command of your energy usage. Monitor your EV fleet’s energy consumption, allocate power as needed, prioritize loads, and schedule charging times. You can also manage other assets like heat pumps and batteries, maintaining a well-balanced energy system.

Rest assured, Smartmaster Pro comes with built-in monitoring and safety features. Your energy management system will perform reliably in all conditions.

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