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Simplify Every Installation, Streamline Every Operation. Delve into the world of Smartmaster Pro, the epitome of innovation and user-friendly design in energy management. Crafted for the discerning professional, it offers an effortless integration with diverse energy systems, revolutionizing the way you oversee operations. This powerful tool is your gateway to superior energy efficiency, providing a robust, yet simple platform for monitoring and controlling energy usage. Experience the future of energy management with Smartmaster Pro – your partner in achieving sustainable excellence and operational tranquility. Embrace the smart way to manage energy; embrace Smartmaster Pro.

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Unveiling Smartmaster Pro: Your Gateway to Seamless Energy Management

Dive into the realm of simplified energy management with Smartmaster Pro. Designed to be a robust bridge between diverse energy setups, it’s the quintessence of ease and functionality. Experience an array of features tailored to furnish a seamless, intuitive interface for managing energy resources.

Comprehensive Capabilities

Versatile Applications

Broad-Spectrum Hardware Compatibility with Smartmaster Pro

Explore a seamless integration experience with diverse hardware brands and types, all unified under the robust and adaptable framework of Smartmaster Pro. Unveil a world where every connection is intuitive, every interaction is efficient, and every hardware compatibility expands the horizon of what’s possible in energy management.

Manufacturers with Pre-built Integrations

Full Integration Spectrum with Smartmaster-Pro​

Uncover the extensive range of hardware integrations Smartmaster Pro supports. Our compatibility overview unfolds a wide spectrum of interoperable solutions, paving the way for boundless energy management possibilities. Full Compatibility Overview

Universal Compatibility: Smartmaster Pro & OCPP 1.6j (JSON)

Smartmaster hardware aligns with all devices employing the web-based OCPP 1.6j (JSON) protocol, a standardized protocol for communication between electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and central management systems. This adherence ensures a seamless integration and robust performance across diverse technologies, simplifying the integration process while maintaining a reliable and consistent operational framework.

Learn more about Smartmaster Pro with our Datasheet

Get the essential specifications and features of Smartmaster Pro in our concise datasheet. Perfect for installers looking for quick, detailed product insights and technical compatibility.

Effortless Multi-Brand Setup with Smartmaster Pro

Experience a hassle-free setup process with Smartmaster Pro, designed to seamlessly integrate across a multitude of brands. No need for specialized knowledge—get started swiftly with our intuitive setup process.

Simplified Setup Guide

Setting up Smartmaster Pro is straightforward. Begin with gathering the necessary materials: Smartmaster Pro unit, a LAN Cable (1m included), an External 24V Power Supply, suitable cables (thickness 0.35-1.5 mm²), and a LAN Switch. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Installation

  • Connect the 24V Power Supply to the Smartmaster using the cables. Connect the functional earth if necessary.
  • Plug in the LAN Cable, ensuring your network configuration permits internet communication for Smartmaster.

Step 2: Configuation

  • Navigate to
  • Look for the new device in the Smartmaster list using the UUID (QR Code on Smartmaster Pro).
  • Confirm if the device is online.
  • Check the device status

Elevate Your Energy Solutions Portfolio

Elevate your business offerings with Smartmaster Pro. Reach out for a tailored demo and discover how our advanced energy management system can empower your clients’ operations. Let’s collaborate to drive efficiency and innovation in energy management.

Streamline Today, Adapt for Tomorrow

Seamlessly manage your energy solutions today with the flexibility to adapt to tomorrow’s advancements.

Configurable Topology

Craft a unique charging topology using a configurator to choose your priority algorithm and load control strategy. This generalist local controller is highly flexible, easily adapting to your site requirements.


Seamless Deployment​

Create and configure your topology with ease. The on-site Smartmaster equipment is installed locally for direct connection to charging stations, optimizing them based on given instructions and constraints.


Power Load Management​

Gain insight into your energy consumption used by your EV fleet. Allocate load power, set load priorities, and schedule charging times, controlling other assets like heat pumps and batteries.

Evolving Scenarios​

Modify your loading scenario as site requirements evolve. Incorporate new elements like additional charging stations or self-consumption from your PV installation to favor local production.


  • Add new charging stations
  • Integrate self-consumption from PV installations
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Versatile Hardware​

Designed for deployment on almost any open device, ensuring a scalable and evergreen solution. When no local hardware is required, a pure cloud approach is proposed.

Robust Monitoring​

Experience smooth operation under all conditions with necessary monitoring and failsafe mechanisms included in our solution.

Assured Safety & Robust Reliability

Experience peace of mind with Smartmaster Pro, meticulously engineered for advanced security features and steadfast performance. Its architecture is designed to ensure smooth operations, even in the most demanding environments, providing a reliable infrastructure for your energy management needs.

Key Security Features

Employing a blend of cutting-edge technologies, Smartmaster-Pro stands as a hallmark of secure and reliable energy management.


Versatility at the Core: Smartmaster Pro in Diverse Industries

In the diverse field of energy management, different industries require customized approaches. Nexxtlab understands this, and thus has developed Smartmaster Pro, a versatile solution tailored to meet the varied needs of each industry. This tool is designed to fit into a range of market segments, providing specific solutions based on each sector’s unique requirements.


Smartmaster Pro helps improve operational efficiency in industrial environments, enhances energy management in real estate, supports solar system suppliers, and streamlines processes for wholesale and retail businesses. It’s a practical tool for adaptable and effective energy management.


Additionally, Smartmaster Pro is useful for professional installers and utilities, helping them tackle the challenges they face. Whether it’s managing complex installations or overseeing large-scale energy distribution networks, Smartmaster Pro offers the necessary insights and control for efficient energy management.


Learn how Smartmaster Pro can meet the specific energy management needs of your industry, contributing to enhanced efficiency and sustainability. Explore our solutions across a variety of markets and industries.

Installation & Energy Management Excellence

Streamline complex energy system installations and renewable technology integration, enhancing workflow efficiency and client satisfaction.

Solar Operational Efficiency

Streamline solar asset integration into grids and manage solar energy complexities, boosting operational efficiency and ecological sustainability.

Retail Energy Strategy & Efficiency

Navigate fluctuating demand and evolving regulations in the retail sector, enhancing energy management for improved efficiency and sustainability.

Industrial Sustainability & Efficiency

Address escalating energy costs and sustainability targets in the industrial sector, leveraging real-time monitoring and control for improved operational efficiency.

Optimizing Real Estate Energy Management

Address rising energy costs and inefficiencies, optimizing usage, reducing operational costs, and advancing towards an energy-efficient real estate environment.

Supporting Utility Energy Management

Support daily operations with dependable energy monitoring and management tools, meeting energy demands while upholding sustainable practices

OCPP Gateway and Proxy Support

Our Smartmaster Pro series has been upgraded with the launch of the Smartmaster OCPP Gateway. This enhancement enables chargers that operate on the outdated OCPP 1.5 protocol, to effortlessly integrate with the latest OCPP 1.6J standard. This improvement is essential for prolonging the service life of existing chargers and ensuring they remain compatible with contemporary EV charging networks.


The OCPP Gateway and Proxy are crucial for ensuring interoperability within EV charging ecosystems, facilitating efficient communication and management between charging stations and central systems. Our aim is to enhance the reliability and scalability of EV charging infrastructures to address the growing needs of the electric vehicle market effectively.

Your Queries Addressed, Trusted by Professionals

Navigate through common inquiries and gain confidence from the endorsements of seasoned professionals who have integrated Smartmaster Pro into their operations. Delve into a well-structured FAQ section where we address common questions and provide detailed explanations to help you understand the capabilities and features of Smartmaster-Pro better. View FAQs.

Revolutionize Your Client's Energy Experience

Empower your business clients with Smartmaster Pro’s robust energy management system. Designed to integrate seamlessly, this platform equips you to offer a sophisticated solution that simplifies complex energy challenges, ensuring your clientele benefits from a system that’s as smart as their business.