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Empower Your Living Space with Smart Energy Control. Tailored for the modern homeowner, Smartmaster Home transforms everyday energy management into a simple, engaging experience. It’s the bridge between professional installers’ expertise and residential needs, providing a comprehensive tool for energy optimization and a more sustainable lifestyle. From the convenience of your smartphone, monitor and adjust your home’s energy consumption, enjoy seamless integration with smart grids, and contribute to a balanced energy ecosystem. Smartmaster Home offers a forward-thinking approach to living, where energy efficiency and user empowerment converge, making intelligent energy solutions an integral part of home life.

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Introducing Smartmaster Home:
Residential Energy Manager

Embark on a simplified energy management journey with Smartmaster Home, meticulously crafted for homeowners and professionals. Unveil a suite of features dedicated to providing a seamless, intuitive interface for managing energy resources effortlessly through your smartphone. Step into a realm where energy management is not just smart, but also engaging and user-friendly, setting the stage for a harmonious interaction between you and your energy environment.

App-Based Control

The Smartmaster Home mobile application transcends standard control, evolving into a comprehensive energy management tool. It empowers homeowners and professionals to effortlessly monitor and manage energy settings, and check consumption levels right from their smartphones.

Flexible Topology & Adaptable Scenarios

Tailor your energy settings to meet evolving requirements. Create a charging topology, choose priority algorithms, and adjust loading scenarios. It's a dynamic solution that adapts to your energy demands and ever-changing conditions.


With an intuitive setup process, deploying Smartmaster Home is straightforward, requiring no specialized knowledge. It's designed to ensure that homeowners and installers can kickstart their energy management journey with ease.

Seamless Interaction

Smartmaster Home facilitates seamless interaction among all stakeholders. It's about creating a collaborative energy ecosystem that benefits homeowners, installers, and energy providers, promoting better energy management and efficiency.

Independent Hardware

Smartmaster Home is designed for deployment on almost any open device, making it a scalable and future-proof solution in a rapidly evolving energy landscape. It's about offering an evergreen solution that grows with your needs.

Load Power Control

Have a real-time view and control over your energy consumption. Allocate load power, set load priorities, and schedule charging times effortlessly. It's about ensuring efficiency and savings while managing energy utilization smartly.

Smartmaster Home Compatibility Unveiled

Venture into the expansive realm of integration capabilities with Smartmaster Home. Designed to mesh with a myriad of hardware configurations, it’s a cornerstone for establishing a universally compatible energy management ecosystem, effortlessly bridging various technology platforms.

Manufacturers with Pre-built Integrations

Full Compatibility Overview

Delve deeper into the wide spectrum of hardware integrations Smartmaster Home supports. Our compatibility overview unveils a realm of interoperable solutions, paving the way for boundless energy management possibilities. Full Compatibility Overview

OCPP 1.6j (JSON) Interface Compatibility

Harness the power of standardized communication protocols. Smartmaster Home’s compatibility with OCPP 1.6j (JSON) interfaces facilitates seamless interaction with a variety of charging stations, ensuring a robust and reliable energy management experience.

Elevate Home Energy Mastery

Introduce homeowners to the future of energy management with Smartmaster Home. As a provider, you’re not just selling a product; you’re delivering control, convenience, and cost-savings directly into their hands, enhancing their living experience while showcasing your commitment to innovative, consumer-centric solutions.

Simplifying Energy Management for Everyone

Smartmaster Home goes beyond traditional energy management, offering an intuitive, user-friendly interface that caters to homeowners, professionals, and third-party providers. Discover a solution that’s as easy to use as it is effective, designed with a straightforward approach to meet diverse energy management needs.

Core Features and Benefits

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Effortless Installation, Intuitive Control

Embrace the simplicity of Smartmaster Home. Our intuitive platform guides you through a quick, easy installation process, leading to sophisticated energy management at your fingertips. Experience the ease of use that allows for immediate adaptation and control, right from your smartphone, empowering you with smart, sustainable living.

Step 1: Download and Install

  • Access the Smartmaster Home web app directly on your browser; no download from the App Store or Google Play needed.
  • Launch the web app on your smartphone to begin setup.

Step 2: Set Up Smartmaster Home

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to connect Smartmaster Home to your home network.
  • Once connected, explore the app to customize your energy management settings according to your preferences.

Your Queries Addressed, Trusted by Professionals

Explore our frequently asked questions to learn more about Smartmaster Home, its features, and how it can streamline your energy management processes. View FAQs

Empower Energy Independence

Propel your customers towards energy autonomy with Smartmaster Home. Offer them the tools to manage their consumption effectively, ensuring a sustainable lifestyle while reinforcing your role as a leader in the transition to smarter, greener living solutions. Engage with us to see the difference Smartmaster Home can make.



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