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The Foundation of Smarty Pro

Smarty PRO, developed in collaboration with Creos Luxembourg, is a significant evolution from traditional, paper-based processes. It harnesses the power of Nexxtlab’s Smartcheck technology, a game-changer for managing grid-connected assets. Smartcheck revolutionizes the way complex installations, especially those involving smart meters, are handled. These assets are crucial for enabling the Distribution System Operator (DSO) to remotely manage grid congestion.


In the past, installers of charging stations and photovoltaic (PV) systems faced considerable challenges, particularly with installations that needed to connect to the smart meter. A significant share of these installations failed to comply with the legal requirements, especially the technical conditions for connection to the low-voltage grid. The alternative to Smarty Pro would have been a substantial increase in on-site checks, additional personnel, and potential frustration due to the time and cost implications of necessary corrections.


Now, Smarty Pro streamlines this process, guiding installers to get it right the first time and providing the DSO with well-structured documentation. This comprehensive approach significantly reduces the need for on-site visits, saving time and money, and shortening the duration from request to commissioning.


With the Smarty Pro progressive web application, electricians can digitally complete and submit a ” Notice of completion of works” for installations like charging stations and photovoltaic systems. This innovation not only streamlines the submission process to Creos but also ensures compliance with all relevant standards. The app aids installers in capturing crucial details of the installation, such as taking photos and scanning QR codes of smart meter numbers, while offering straightforward guidance throughout the process.


The user-friendly nature of the app, combined with Smartcheck’s seamless integration with DSO IT systems, offers a secure and efficient experience. Installers can use their existing myCreos account credentials for registering connection requests, thanks to the Single Sign-On feature, allowing easy and secure access to Smarty Pro on their devices.

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Key Features of Smarty Pro

The introduction of Smarty Pro marks a significant advancement in the realm of energy management. This section delves into the key features of Smarty Pro, exploring how each element contributes to its overall efficacy and user appeal.

Web Application

The web application of Smarty Pro is a cornerstone feature, designed to greatly simplify installation and documentation processes. Its intuitive interface caters to professionals, streamlining workflow and reducing the time and effort typically required in energy management tasks. This user-friendly platform not only eases the day-to-day operations of professionals but also enhances the accuracy and efficiency of their work.


Smarty Pro is at the forefront of accelerating the transition to sustainable energy. By digitalizing energy management processes, it not only contributes to reducing carbon footprints but also plays a pivotal role in transforming how energy sectors operate. The shift towards digital solutions paves the way for more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, underscoring Smarty Pro’s impact in leading this crucial transition.

Seamless Integration

One of the standout features of Smarty Pro is its ability to seamlessly integrate with existing processes and systems. This harmonious integration ensures that adopting Smarty Pro is a smooth and hassle-free process for users. It bridges the gap between traditional methods and modern digital solutions, facilitating an easy transition and promoting wider acceptance and use in the energy sector.

Advanced Accessibility with Progressive Web App

The Progressive Web App (PWA) feature of Smarty Pro is a game-changer in terms of accessibility and convenience. As a PWA, Smarty Pro is accessible directly through the website, eliminating the need for users to download a separate application. This approach not only simplifies access but also ensures that users always have the latest version of the app without having to manage updates. The PWA design contributes significantly to efficiency and ease of use, as it allows electricians and other professionals to use Smarty Pro on any device with an internet connection, streamlining their workflow and enhancing productivity.

Enhancing User Experience with Single Sign-On and Digital Reports

Smarty Pro’s introduction of Single Sign-On and Digital Reports represents a significant enhancement in user experience. These features are thoughtfully designed to streamline processes in energy management. The Single Sign-On functionality allows users to access Smarty Pro with existing credentials, simplifying the login process and enhancing security. Concurrently, the Digital Reports feature offers a more efficient way to generate and validate installation reports, ensuring accuracy and compliance with ease. These advancements demonstrate Smarty Pro’s commitment to delivering a seamless, user-friendly experience in professional settings.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Integrating the customer portal with Single Sign-On streamlines the login process, offering a significant boost in convenience and security. With SSO, users can access Smarty Pro using their existing credentials, reducing the hassle of managing multiple usernames and passwords. This seamless entry not only saves time but also enhances user engagement and satisfaction by simplifying access to the tool’s comprehensive features.

Digital Reports

Smarty Pro’s capability to efficiently generate and validate installation reports is a standout feature in professional settings. These digital reports streamline the documentation process, ensuring accuracy and compliance. The system’s automated validation reduces errors, speeds up report processing, and enhances the overall quality of documentation. This feature not only simplifies the workflow for electricians and other professionals but also provides a reliable and efficient method for managing critical data and records in energy installations.

The Impact of Smarty Pro on Energy Management

As we look towards the future, Smarty Pro stands as a beacon of innovation in energy management. Its seamless integration of Smartcheck technology, user-friendly web application, and commitment to digitalization are not just current benefits but stepping stones to a more sustainable and efficient energy sector. The introduction of features like Single Sign-On and Digital Reports underscores its role in enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.


The potential future impact of Smarty Pro in the energy sector is immense. It represents a shift towards more streamlined, secure, and sustainable energy management practices. As the industry continues to evolve, Smarty Pro is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping how energy management is conducted, promoting not only operational efficiency but also contributing to broader environmental goals. The ongoing advancements and integration of new features will further solidify Smarty Pro’s position as a leading tool in the energy sector.

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