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Release Notes v2.4

Welcome to Release Notes v2.4, where we detail the latest advancements and refinements in our Smartmaster Pro suite and Smartbirds/Smarty+ applications. This version focuses on enhancing interoperability, security, and user experience through significant upgrades such as the OCPP Gateway & Local Controller improvements and bug fixes. Dive into how these updates streamline operations, bolster security measures, and extend the functionality of our products, ensuring they meet the current and future needs of the EV charging infrastructure.

Smartmaster Pro: OCPP Gateway & Local Controller

  • Upgraded Gateway functionality from OCPP 1.5 to OCPP 1.6, enhancing compatibility and performance.
  • Integrated the OCPP1_5_PROXY protocol into communication units, a necessary update for Gateway compatibility.
  • The Proxy now supports multiple server URLs, tailored for use with OCPP Security level 2.
  • Introduced a Standalone Server for OCPP 1.5 as part of the Gateway upgrade.
  • Updated topology verification to support automated migration of legacy devices to the new Proxy system.
  • Improved logging specifically for Proxy operations.
  • Expanded logging capabilities for devices connected through the Proxy, ensuring detailed monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Live data chart for Voltage now reports the maximum value, addressing phase information discrepancies.
  • Enhanced the Search functionality for topology element metrics, improving data accessibility.

Bug Fixes

  • Smartmaster Pro
    • Resolved a bug in User Registration for enhanced user experience.
    • Fixed an issue with Email Validation to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  •  Smartbirds / Smarty+
    • Restored the functionality to deactivate a dongle in Smarty+ / Smartbirds applications.
    • Corrected and displayed the highest peak value for ‘now’ and ‘day’ tabs.
    • Updated and fixed translations for Portuguese and Spanish, enhancing user comprehension.

New & Enhanced Features

We focus on the latest enhancements to Smartmaster Pro, including the integration of OCPP 1.6 with proxy support and the introduction of the Smartmaster OCPP Gateway. These updates bring significant improvements to EV charging station interoperability, security, and efficiency, while also offering a bridge for older chargers to seamlessly integrate into current networks. Expect insights on how these features benefit both installers and end-users, alongside technical overviews and real-world applications.

Learn more about these topics in our Feature Spotlight Article.

OCPP Gateway and Proxy Support

We’ve enhanced our Smartmaster Pro series with the introduction of the Smartmaster OCPP Gateway, allowing chargers on the older OCPP 1.5 protocol, such as the Powerdale Nexxtender Advance, to seamlessly integrate with the newer OCPP 1.6J standard. This update is crucial for extending the operational life of existing chargers and ensuring their compatibility with modern EV charging networks. 

The OCPP Gateway and Proxy play a vital role in achieving interoperability within EV charging systems, enabling efficient communication and management between charging stations and central systems. Our focus is on improving the reliability and scalability of EV charging infrastructures to meet the evolving demands of the electric vehicle market.

OCPP 1.6j: Enhancements

Transitioning from OCPP 1.5 to 1.6J offers technical improvements, including better security protocols, more efficient energy management through smart charging, and enhanced system interoperability. This upgrade facilitates smoother operation and maintenance of EV charging stations, aligning with evolving industry standards.

  • Enhanced Security: Improved encryption and authentication for secure communications.
  • Smart Charging: Efficient energy management by adjusting charging rates.
  • Extended Functionality: Supports remote firmware updates and maintenance.
  • Improved Error Handling: Easier diagnosis and resolution of issues.
  • Interoperability: Ensures compatibility across different manufacturers.
  • Data Reporting: Detailed monitoring of charging sessions and energy usage.
  • Future-proofing: Prepares for future features and standards.

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Stay updated with our Nexxt News newsletter! Receive updates on our blog articles, event participation, company news, and other exciting announcements. Be the first to know about our latest insights and developments.


Stay updated with our Nexxt News newsletter! Receive updates on our blog articles, event participation, company news, and other exciting announcements. Be the first to know about our latest insights and developments.