Update v2.5

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Dive into Release Notes v2.5 for an overview of the latest enhancements across the Smartmaster ecosystem, featuring updates to Smartmaster Pro and exciting new services. This release brings substantial improvements in functionality, compatibility, and user experience, aimed at both professional and home environments. Get ready to discover innovative features designed to optimize your Smartmaster experience.

Update v2.4.1

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Explore the latest updates in Release Notes v2.4.1, focusing on significant enhancements to the Local Controller within the Smartmaster ecosystem. This patch ensures improved performance and reliability, setting the stage for the comprehensive features soon to be unveiled in v2.5.

Update v2.4

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Welcome to Release Notes v2.4, detailing the latest advancements in our SmartMaster Pro suite and SmartBirds/Smarty+ applications. This update brings significant upgrades to enhance interoperability, security, and user experience, ensuring our products meet the evolving needs of the EV charging infrastructure. Learn more about these technical improvements and their impact on our solutions.


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