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Release Notes v2.5

Welcome to Release Notes v2.5, where we detail the latest enhancements and updates across the Smartmaster Ecosystem, which includes Smartmaster Pro for professional use and Smartmaster Home for personal applications. This release enhances compatibility, functionality, and user experience to meet the evolving needs of both our business and home users.

Smartmaster Pro: Local Controller and Protocol Enhancements

Local Controller Improvements:
Those improvements where part of our 2.4.1 release

  • Enhanced Gateway functionality with minor fixes to increase reliability.
  • Improved automated Boot Notification for streamlined device initialization.
  • Resolved issues with Powerdale MeterValues reading for accurate energy measurement.
  • Enabled AutoConfig on Start for OCPP 1.6j Chargers, simplifying setup processes.
  • Integrated control via the Cogy app for managing Start/Stop sessions (to be available with upcoming app updates).
  • New Features:
    • DC Charging with semi-automated configuration for easier setup.
    • Improved Voltage reading on chargers for more accurate monitoring.
    • P1 port semi-automated detection for Smartmaster Home, enhancing user experience.

New Protocols Supported:

  • Added support for SCHNEIDER_PM710_MODBUS, enhancing device compatibility.
  • Integrated AUNISOL_INVERTER_PV_MODBUS_TCP for optimized inverter management.
  • Implemented CIRCUTOR_MODBUS_TCP for expanded protocol support.
  • Improved Powerdale OCPP Gateway for better communication and reliability.

Enhanced Compatibilities/Templates:

  • Included compatibility for Go-e Charger and Fronius Wattpilot.
  • Added support for Chargepoint CPO Backend and Schneider IEM Meters (Protocol still under development).

Platform Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Smartmaster Ecosystem:

  • Fixed a Services Activation Error to improve system stability.
  • Addressed a bug in Topology Element Deletion to enhance data integrity.
  • Corrected issues with device naming during installation for better management.
  • Resolved configuration initialization bugs, ensuring proper application of settings.

Smart Services: Strategic Expansions and Optimizations

Energy Planning:

  • Added Germany (DE) and Luxembourg (LU) as weather forecast sources to support precise forecasting of solar panel production in anticipation of expanding client bases.
  • Offer insights on optimal times for connecting electric vehicles for charging or using appliances based on excess forecasted solar production.


Dynamic Tariff Strategy:

  • Expanded dynamic tariff offerings to Germany and Luxembourg, preparing for new market integrations. Note: Implementation in Luxembourg is pending regulatory developments.


Electricity Mix Revitalization:

  • Reactivated the Electricity Mix service, now also supporting Smartmaster Home users, enhancing the overall ecosystem experience.


Scalability and Robustness Enhancements:

  • Improved scalability and robustness across all services by optimizing database interactions and computation processes. Enhanced logging mechanisms now provide better bug tracking and resolution.

Spotlight Articles: In-Depth Feature Analysis

In this release, we delve deeper into significant technological advancements through two detailed Spotlight Articles. These articles not only explore the functionalities and benefits of our new features but also provide real-world applications and technical overviews, demonstrating their impact and utility.

Smartservice Sentinel: Your Solar Inverter Protection

Explore the latest developments in solar inverter protection with our Smartservice Sentinel. This service ensures that solar inverters maintain optimal performance by monitoring and adjusting to voltage fluctuations, significantly enhancing system reliability and efficiency. Sentinel’s advanced technology detects anomalies in real-time and engages corrective mechanisms to prevent inverter disconnections, thus maintaining continuous power production. This feature is crucial for users seeking to maximize the operational uptime of their solar installations and reduce maintenance costs. The article provides a comprehensive look at the technology’s features, benefits, and real-world applications, making it an essential read for installers and users alike.

Energy Forecast and Dynamic Tariffs

We are taking energy management to the next level by expanding its Energy Service Package to new regions, including Luxembourg and Germany, with plans for the Netherlands. This article highlights the improved accuracy of energy forecasts and the benefits of dynamic tariffs, which adjust energy prices based on real-time market conditions. Learn how our innovative approach allows consumers to benefit from lower costs and promotes efficient energy usage through adaptive pricing. The service’s rollout is discussed in detail, providing insights into its strategic advantages, such as enhanced operational planning and customer satisfaction.

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For more comprehensive information on all updates and improvements, refer to our Feature Spotlight Articles. These articles are designed to help you understand the technical capabilities and practical applications of our newest features, enhancing both professional and home environments.

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Stay updated with our Nexxt News newsletter! Receive updates on our blog articles, event participation, company news, and other exciting announcements. Be the first to know about our latest insights and developments.


Stay updated with our Nexxt News newsletter! Receive updates on our blog articles, event participation, company news, and other exciting announcements. Be the first to know about our latest insights and developments.